Studio Janne Wellens is lead by Belgian interior designer and stylist Janne Wellens.

Janne Wellens has a deep fascination for architecture, sculptures and crafts. Using her creative vision, technical knowledge, and natural curiosity, she designs and decorates distinctive residences and spaces.

Studio Janne Wellens was founded several years ago in Amsterdam with the goal of restoring a sense of serenity in interiors. With everything going on in the world and our everyday busy lives, there is a noticeable desire for tranquility and peace indoors. This serenity can be found in the studio's signature aesthetic, which features balanced concepts, a neutral colour palette, warm atmosphere, tactile and natural materials, sculptural shapes and timeless yet innovative designs.

Janne Wellens attaches a lot of importance on her client relationships. She believes that the most outstanding results can be achieved when a positive bond of mutual trust is established and space is given to develop and grow a project. The dialogue with the client is at the centre of every interior design project. Finding a compromise between aesthetics, quality, and affordability while balancing long-held desires and personal preferences. As a result, lasting interiors that are authentic and meaningful are created.

Janne Wellens work extends beyond interior design projects; she also develops concepts and provides photo styling for interior brands, artists, design studios and magazines.